Best Neck Gaiters or Neck Warmers For Skiing and Snowboarding

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I bought and tested a few different neck gaiters to give you some recommendations on the best neck gaiters for skiing and snowboarding.

The best neck gaiters for skiing keep your neck warm on cold days but are also super comfortable. You should be able to use them as face masks to protect you from high winds, freezing temperatures, and sunlight.

Some neck gaiters for skiing and snowboarding are incredibly versatile and made from technical fabrics, so you can wear them in all conditions you encounter on the mountain.  hot days or cold days, they can be great to have around.  On top of protecting you from the cold and the wind, they also make a great sunscreen!

In this article, we’ll go through the characteristics of the best neck gaiters for skiing. You’ll learn what to look for and the best ways to wear one. We’ll also give you our recommendations of the best neck gaiters for skiing currently available…based on actual tests on my own neck and face skiing here in Colorado.

Below you’ll find my recommendations along with the ones I use personally.

For most conditions, you just need wind protection and something that won’t cause your goggles to fog up.  Something like a mission basic neck gaiter.

For more windy and colder conditions check out some of our recommendations below.

The Best Neck Gaiters For Skiing


  1. Buff Original Multifunctional Headwear and Face Mask

Buff is among the earliest manufacturers of the best neck gaiters for skiing. This is one of the company’s original products that has been tried and tested as one of the best.

The original Buff has a high level of UV protection, so you can ski all day without getting sunburned. But it is multifunctional, meaning you can wear it in many different ways, making it useable for activities other than skiing.

The microfiber material is fast-drying and super stretchy for comfort. Comfort is enhanced by the seamless design, eliminating chafing. It is lightweight, so it is comfortable to wear all day, no matter what activity you are doing.


  1. Original Turtle Fur Fleece Neck Warmer

Turtle Fur is another early pioneer in making the best neck gaiters for skiing. The company has been making this item since 1982 and is still one of the best sellers.

This fleece neck warmer is best suited to cold and wet days on the slopes. It is thick and provides lots of coverage to keep the wind, cold, and snow out, so it’s not the best choice for warm or mild days.

The Turtle Fur fleece neck warmer comes in one size and in a range of simple and tasteful colors. You’ll love how soft it feels against your skin, making you feel extra cozy on cold days.


  1. CoolZu 4 Pack Neck Gaiter Face Mask

On the more value-end of the spectrum, there are the CoolZu masks.  The CoolZu neck gaiter is incredibly versatile, so much so that you can wear it all year round. The silk-like fabric is super soft and provides an extra layer to keep you warm. But it is also windproof, making it ideal for skiing and snowboarding.

In addition, the material has active ingredients that protect your face from UV light. You’ll be surprised how well this material insulates you in cold weather but cools you down when it’s warm.

As an extra bonus, you get four in a pack, ideal for your next family ski trip.


  1. Meriwool Neck Gaiter

Merino wool is an excellent material; therefore, this product from Meriwool is one of the best neck gaiters for skiing.

The Merino wool naturally resists odors and keeps you warm, even when it’s soaking wet. It is also incredibly breathable and moisture-wicking while keeping you insulated from the cold.

This neck gaiter is an excellent option for skiers, as it dries quickly and is versatile. The fabric’s natural stretch makes it comfortable to wear all day, protecting you from mountain weather.


  1. EXIO Winter Neck Warmer Gaiter

One of the problems with even the best neck gaiters for skiing is the build-up of moisture. This can be uncomfortable but can also fog your glasses or goggles.

The EXIO winter neck warmer gaiter features air holes to allow you to breathe more easily and prevent moisture from rising to your goggles on humid days. You can rotate the gaiter, so the air holes are at the back to keep your face warm on colder days. This is helped by the seamless design, so it’s comfortable no matter how you wear it.

The technical fabric is high-performing and quick drying. Its moisture-wicking properties mean you don’t get the clammy feeling of other face coverings.

Everything You Need To Know About The Best Neck Gaiters For Skiing

We’ll start off by defining what a neck gaiter is. In its simplest form, a neck gaiter is a tube of fabric you slip over your head to wear around your neck. However, there are more elaborate versions on the market.

Wearing a neck gaiter for skiing provides insulation and prevents heat from escaping from the neck section of your jacket. Some neck gaiters are shaped so you can pull them up over your face to sit beneath your goggles. These protect you from the cold wind, snow, sleet, and even the sun’s harmful rays.

Other Names For Neck Gaiters

You may hear people talking about neck warmers, buffs, or snoods. There are many other names floating around, but ultimately they are the same thing. You will come across slight differences between various manufacturers. Still, the end goals are always the same, warmth, comfort, and protection from the elements.

What To Look For in The Best Neck Gaiters For Skiing


The best neck gaiters for skiing are made from technical materials. These materials are lightweight and breathable. They should also wick moisture away from your face while providing a layer of insulation.

If you see a neck gaiter made from cotton, it won’t provide you with any of these benefits. Instead, it will soak up water and become uncomfortable quickly.

The best neck gaiters for skiing are made from merino wool or technical synthetic materials. These materials also come in a variety of weights to suit the conditions. If you’re skiing in freezing cold conditions, you may want to choose a thicker neck gaiter. However, thicker materials are not as breathable, so the inside can quickly become wet from your breath.

The material and thickness is probably the biggest factor to consider when choosing a neck gaiter or any neck and face protection while skiing or snowboarding.  If it’s too thick and not very permeable, it will become more and more uncomfortable during the day.  If it’s too thin, it’ll freeze your face and neck.

I have found that, I can usually go thinner than I think, especially once I warm up.  The best protection these gaiters offer is to shield your face/neck from the sun and wind.  If you have good clothes on and know how to layer, then the gaiter is just another layer of protection.

I use this thicker gaiter with breathing holes for super cold days.  My kids love the middle gaiter, and on most days, I just use a lighter orange gaiter.



The best neck gaiters for skiing should stay comfortable all day. Therefore, it needs to fit you properly, as it can restrict the movement of your head and make you feel like you’re suffocating if it’s too tight.

Before you buy a neck gaiter, pay attention to its sizing. Some are adjustable, allowing you to fine-tune their fit, allowing for all-day comfort.  This will also make sure you don’t end up fogging up your goggles.  You want enough breathing room so the vapors don’t rise up into the googles.


You may find that a simple neck gaiter will suit your needs. However, look for more versatile ones that can be worn in multiple ways. Some neck gaiters can be rearranged to provide extra or less coverage when needed.


The style and color of your neck gaiter won’t affect how it performs; however, there’s no point buying one that looks bad. There are so many options for neck gaiters these days; you’ll surely find one that suits your style and matches your outfit.

Other Features

Some neck gaiters are simple tubes of fabric, but others offer additional features to improve comfort. For example, you will come across products made with super stretchy material, allowing you to wear them in many ways.

Alternatively, manufacturers will add features such as size adjustments so you can get the perfect fit. Some of the best neck gaiters for skiing often have air holes around the nose and mouth. These holes allow moisture from your breath to escape so it doesn’t soak into the fabric.

Neck Gaiters For Skiing FAQs


What Is The Purpose Of Neck Gaiters For Skiing?

The tube-like shape of a neck gaiter allows you to slip it over your head and around your neck. The idea is to protect your face and neck from cold temperatures, harsh weather conditions, and the sun.

Are Neck Gaiters Good For Skiing?

A neck gaiter is often described as an essential piece of skiing clothing. When the temperatures are below zero while you’re skiing, a neck gaiter will protect you from windburn, sunburn, and snow, while retaining heat.

What’s The Difference Between A Neck Gaiter And A Buff?

Buff is a brand name synonymous with this type of product and is one of the first household names associated with neck gaiters. It makes various products to keep your face and neck covered on the slopes.

Do You Need To Wear A Balaclava For Skiing?

Balaclavas are worn by mountaineers, snowmobilers, and motorcyclists in extreme conditions to protect them from frostbite. A good neck gaiter will suffice unless you’re skiing in the arctic circle.

Can You Wash A Neck Gaiter?

You can wash most neck gaiters in the washing machine or by hand. If in doubt, read the washing instructions to be sure.


How Do I Keep My Neck Gaiter From Falling Down?

Pull your neck gaiter over your head and chin, but pull a portion of it toward the back and top of your head. Then put your ski helmet over the top to ensure that your neck gaiter is secured and won’t slip.

Final Thoughts On The Best Neck Gaiters For Skiing

As you can see, not all neck gaiters are just tubes of fabric. They offer several features to make the experience of wearing them more pleasant.

Now you know what to look for in the best neck gaiters for skiing, but you won’t know for sure until you try one or two out. You will often find that it takes a little trial and error to find the perfect one for you, but the ones listed above are good ones to try first.

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